Freibank & hfn music reception and showcase

Networking By Invitation Only

freihfn [ˈfraɪ̯haːfn̩]

Hamburg’s Freihafen is one of the oldest free-trade zones, established in the 12th century to ease international trade and exchange. For the fourth time, Freibank and hfn have teamed up to create a musical freihfn  - free harbour - for this year’s Reeperbahn Festival.

Reception will run from 19:00 - 20:00, equipped with plenty of duty-free drinks and food – and followed by three acts we are very proud to present: DAS NEU with their Zeitgeist sound between Pop and Post-Rock, the transmedia artist and vocalist ROSA ANSCHÜTZ, and MANANA, Grammy award winning songwriter from South Africa.

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