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Welcome to Gothenburg and Westside Music Sweden! The independent platform, the collective of indie businesses, the cheerleaders of Gothenburg indie welcomes you to a fine showcase of talent from the most thriving part of Sweden, musically speaking.

Representatives from the 44 companies that make up the Westside gang will be present, and after some pizza, some talk and drinks, the music will be live.

This is: Westside Music Sweden presents:

Arvid Nero / Tomma Intet / Lisa Wanloo

* Westside Music Sweden is a small company shouting about the (indie) music community, the businesses and the artists, from Gothenburg and around. Westside also hosts the international club festival and intimate music conference, Viva Sounds, 3rd-4th of December in Gothenburg.

When no criminal activity is going on, there's no need to call the cops. Independent music, major sounds - Westside Music Sweden.

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