Chris Tarbet

Director, Commercial Partnerships / Merlin



Chris joined Merlin in 2015. His role, and that of the wider Commercial Partnerships team, is to maximize the value members receive from Merlin’s deals with partners such as Apple, Deezer, Meta (Facebook), Peloton, Snap, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and dozens more.

 The Commercial Partnerships team work closely with the Member Operations team to ensure quick and seamless delivery integrations, support members in better using platform tools (e.g., YouTube CMS, Meta Rights Manager), and provide members with access and training in promotional and marketing opportunities through tools that are made available, as well as feeding back to the Business and Legal Affairs team on deal negotiations and partnerships. Day-to-day, Chris and the team are building and managing relationships with partners and members, ensuring Merlin stays at the forefront of industry and platform developments.

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