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Jean-Marie Cavada

European Parliament / Member



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First, a journalist, then Information Director of various TV channels, Jean-Marie Cavada specialised in news programmes before becoming president and founder of a French TV channel (France 5), as well as president of French radio channels (RFO and Radio France). In 2004, with the European elections coming up, Jean-Marie Cavada resigned from her position at Radio France to run the UDI list in the “South West”. He was elected that same year as ALDE MEP. At the time, he had been vice-president of the International Trade Commission until 2005. He has also been president of the Civil Rights, Justice and Interior Affairs Commission until 2008. Later on, in 2009, Jean-Marie Cavada was reelected and takes the presidency of the “Nouveau Centre” within the EPP group, as well as the vice-presidency of the French delegation within the EPP group. He is a member of the Culture and Education Commission, substitute member of the Legal Commission and president of the Media Intergroup. Reelected in 2014 in “Île-de-France”, Jean-Marie Cavada is now vice-president of the Legal Affairs Commission, as well as ALDE coordinator for the same commission. He is also a substitute member for the Employment and Social Affairs Commision. Jean-Marie Cavada has also been a leader of the working group on copyright at the European Parliament since 2014. Moreover, Jean-Marie Cavada has been president of the French section of the European Movement from 2011 to 2016, and is president of the French political movement “Génération Citoyens” since 2015.

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