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Music Pop London, United Kingdom

Shrouded in dense layers of synthesizers, carried by pulsating R&B and trap beats, loaded with hallucinogenic atmosphere: Last year, Balcony spontaneously crafted an utterly unique style of the kind that other artists spend a lifetime developing. The London four-piece came out the gate with the beautifully ethereal "Running" and "Pink Hair, Green Eyes" on SoundCloud before their music reached other streaming platforms.

This year, they followed up with the EP Slow Down and a collection of remixes of "Pink Hair, Green Eyes" by the likes of DRKTMS and Brunswick. Inspired by house parties and psychedelic experiences, but also unexpected sources such as Homer's Odyssey and its sirens, the brilliantly produced sound of Balcony is a feast for the senses that is just as enjoyable on a pair of headphones as on stage.

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