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Gaddafi Gals

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Austria, Germany

New make-up for the aging face of domestic hip-hop? Well, it’s about time. The Gaddafi Gals do what everyone else would like to do: unconstrainedly creating a sound that’s neither rap nor R&B, neither rigidly conformist nor overly futuristic yet still rigorously applying their own aesthetics. Consisting of Blaqtea (also known as Ebow), Slimgirl Fat (aka Nalan381) and producer Walter P99 Arke$tra, this project already impressed on all levels two years ago with their debut “Temple”. From the sick beats to the variation between rap and vocals, to the versatile but concise arrangement of the tracks, which the trio accomplished right from the start, there’s not a single thing to criticize here. In terms of subject matter, they also take a good swipe at the patriarchy and ask questions that most people would take issue with – including some awkward answers. Keep it up, please.

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