« Reeperbahn Festival should be a place where all people can feel comfortable and safe. »
Act Aware & RBX GmbH

Awareness - we have created a vision and awareness guidelines. Everyone's commitment matters! Here you will also find an overview of advice centers.

Our vision

Together with Act Aware e.V., we have developed an awareness concept to create awareness for topics such as discrimination and boundary crossing and to contribute to a sustainable change in the music industry. At Reeperbahn Festival we therefore provide awareness guidelines, awareness teams, awareness points and the possibility of direct contact via the QR codes of Saferspaces, which can be found on posters on the event area. We have also included various program items in our lineup that deal with the topic of awareness in terms of content.  

We believe that a respectful interaction is only possible if everyone takes the responsibility together. We face the challenge of bringing together different venues and participants in our festival concept. We meet this challenge by strengthening the knowledge of all team members on the topic of awareness, by offering various opportunities for interaction in our program for professional visitors from the music industry, and by creating an education and support program through trained awareness teams. 

We are aware that awareness is a process in which we have to question, learn and unlearn together again and again. 

We let experts accompany us through this development. We want to create and support structures that are free of discrimination and transgression. In this process, your opinion is extremely valuable. Therefore, we are always happy to receive feedback. If you have comments or questions about the concept, please contact us via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, X) or via mail.

Our guidelines

Our aim is to focus on prevention and create an offering that is accessible to everyone - regardless of how much knowledge they already have. 

We have already started with our educational campaign "Handbook of Shared Responsibility". Here we looked at eight topics on which we asked people from different areas: Awareness, Language, Safety, Consensus, Representation, Violence, Accessibility and Boundaries. 

You can download these voices, background knowledge, tips and reflection questions as a PDF:

How we want to in­ter­act

What can you do?

Have you ever heard of the term "Allyship"? 

Allyship means to become an ally, to take action and support those affected by discrimination.   

You can be an ally by... 

  • look & act actively - in the sense of the person affected. 
  • listen to & follow discriminated people on social media.
  • inform yourself - about discrimination and terminology. 
  • give affected people space & keep your perspective in the background. 
  • donate time or money to disadvantaged communities. 
  • talk to your friends and learn together. 
  • address a grievance & intervene. 
  • confront your privileges. 

For terms related to awareness, here is a glossary

Important: Always consider your own limits and those of others. 

If you observe a situation that seems wrong or you feel that another person is not doing well, check your own capacity to intervene or support. If you feel unable to do so, be sure to tell another person. 

If you decide to intervene, talk directly to the person involved and ask if she needs your support. If she does not want it, respect that. If she does need your support, ask her what would help her. 

5D's: You can in­ter­vene...

Advice centers

Women's Emergency Hotline 

Subject: Sexualized violence 



040 255566 

Telephone counseling & appointments for talks Mon 09:30 - 13:00 & 15:00 - 19:00 



Subject: Racism 



040 39842647 

Personal consultation & dates by Mail of the telephone 


Trans Counseling North 

Subject: Medical advice for trans persons 



01575 4832445 

By mail or phone by appointment 



Subject: Counseling for trans persons in general and in case of violence 



040 27877803 

Phone and office hours Wednesday 16:00 - 19:00 


Basis and Woge 

Subject: All forms of discrimination 



040 3984260 

Mondays to Fridays 09:00 - 16:00 hrs 


German depression help 

Subject: Depression and mental illnesses 


0800 3344533 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 13:00 - 17:00 

Wednesday & Friday 08:30 - 12:30  


Crisis & self-help groups 

Subject: Drugs, addiction, mental crises 



Drug emergency service 

Subject: Drugs 


Addiction and drug hotline 24h: 030 19237 


Telephone counselling  


Available around the clock: 

0800 111 0 111