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Ereignisraum Berlin Masterclass

Who cares? Ways to sustain a living as an artist.


Some say the system of the music economy is broken for the artists. Other say we are in the middle of a continuous process of gradual transformation where the individual is getting more and more in charge. Fact is that many artists are struggling to sustain a living with their music. Technological evolution has changed the entire music industry and it will undoubtlly continue to do so. New tools and services that aim to level the playing field for artists are already out there. In this mini-masterclass will Gee Linford Grayson from Patreon, Peter Harris from Resonate, and Thomas Philips from Steertone explain each of their individual ways to create new and sustainable opportunities for artists that allow them to focus on their creativity and still generate an income with it. Followed by a conversation with Matthias Strobel about the present system and the changes that are to come.

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