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European Agenda For Music - Get Involved!

Sessions Live Music, Recorded Music, Policy Advanced


The European Agenda for Music (EAM) contributes to a musically thriving Europe by setting out priorities for the music sector for years to come. Its aim is to bring together the music industry and civil society organisations for music, allowing them to join voices. Representatives from various fields in the music sector – from creation, production and live music to education, the amateur sector, information and communication - contribute to the development of the Agenda. The goal is to publish the finalised EAM in early 2018. Should the EU or national governments want to make decisions concerning music in the future, the Agenda will provide them with a thorough document to which they can refer. The interactive session will look at the development process, structure and content of a draft EAM. But mostly, it will focus on how individuals and organisations, musicians and policy makers can get involved in the process.

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