Female Music Management

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Herbert Grönemeyer, Ton Steine Scherben, Sven Regener and Deichkind are just a few German artists who are managed by women. Is this the tip of the iceberg or are women also underrepresented in the artist management field?
"I'd love to have a woman manager, but I can't find one." This adaptation of the often quoted phrase from the live sector is often heard among female artists. Is it true that there are (too) few female music managers in Germany? Or is it rather the case, as in the live sector, that female music managers fly under the radar and nobody knows them? What's it like in other territories?
What are the reasons for this? How does one actually become an artist manager? What does it take? Is there a lack of sufficient and suitable training opportunities and places to learn? Or is the business model another reason why too few women choose this field of activity, which is usually associated with entrepreneurial independence and uncertain financial income?

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