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Future Playground: Interactive Exhibitions

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In 10 containers, together with various partners, we will present, among other things, these intelligent, sustainable and above all creative ideas for the music sector and other areas.

Circular Futures Supermarket - Sustainable Innovations, Ideas & Products
The visitor experiences in the container a circular pre-during-after festival experience. The focus is on recyclability, plastic reduction, freedom from pollutants, resource conservation, transparent supply chains and waste avoidance. Seed confetti, tents made of upcycelter cardboard, a talking trash can, deposit stamps made of residual wood, edible crockery, festival ribbons made of recycled PES, dry soap dispensers, ideas on social integration, accessibility and hygiene can all be discovered.
Partners: fuchs & hirsch, the festival consultants from Berlin, and TUTAKA, the platform for sustainable hosting from Hamburg.

What country do we want to be? - Uprising of ideas
With an interactive exhibition, we are creating a new space to talk about the future of open society. How do we get out of what we feel is a permanent crisis and doom? What freedoms do we have? What do we want to stand up for? The collected ideas travel with us through the country, from station to station, to Berlin. At the end of 2019 we will present the results.
Partner: Offene Gesellschaft e.V.

Ask me Anything about Future Festivals
In the "Ask me Anything about Future Festivals" container you can ask everything you ever wanted to know about festivals. Together with Höme, we have gathered the brightest minds in the industry for you, who will answer your questions. What belongs in a security concept? How important is awareness? What is a good location? How does beverage logistics work? Questions over questions: Höme says: Hold my Beer. And gives you the answer.
Because Höme is a declaration of love to festival life, to festivals and festival creators, as well as to festival culture as a whole.
Partner: Höme

Trash Galore Circular Events Lab        
Trash is gold. Wood, fabrics, ironmongery, decorations - in the event sector a lot is thrown away which is totally reusable. In the TRASH GALORE container we guide event organisers and interested people through our sustainable trashing alternative, which spares the environment and on the same time supports social and creative projects. On our interactive Future Event Wall we want to brainstorm how the future of sustainable events look like: How can we build using less material? Which innovative materials we could use? And how the whole sector manages to evolve from a linear to a circular economy?
Partner: Trash Galore

Creative Solutions Exhibition   
Actors from the cultural and creative industries invent plastic-free packaging, develop unusual materials and design products with a social dimension. In order to bring the complexity of the industry to life, the Federal Centre of Competence for the Cultural and Creative Industries, in cooperation with System D, has designed an interactive show wall that will travel from Berlin to the Reeperbahn Festival for the first time. Discover with us excellent, future-relevant projects and products from the cultural and creative industries.
Partner: Competence Centre Culture and Creative Industries of the Federal Government

The future of Media: ByteFM Podcast Workshop
ByteFM produces daily podcasts in the ByteFM container at Future Playground live, in front of an audience and to participate in.
Guests: Musicians (interview + unplugged sessions) / festival speakers / podcasters / visual artists / festival makers.
Be live with the conversations and sessions that will form the basis of the podcasts. And look over our shoulder as we produce the podcasts!
Partner: ByteFM

Brain Flow
Flooded with signals, sounds, images, crowds of people? Take a short break, time for a brain flow!
We lead you into the world of your brain. Take a look into the future and experience the power and poetry of your inner world in an exclusive preview of 'Me&My Brain'.
In a VR installation as well as with the power of computer brain interfaces and individual and collective neurofeedback we take you on a journey of discovery deep into your ego.
Partners: Awaike, Myndstorm Productions

Green Events Hamburg
Green Events Hamburg is a network that creates sustainable ideas for the event landscape of tomorrow. A container represents the idea of the network. We will present these ideas interactively with the scenographers Nina Nicolaisen and Sven Klomp. Walkers walk over the Future Playground and create their own real utopia of tomorrow's event, which they write down, project or depict. The results are collected in the middle of the container in the form of a living exhibition.
Partner: Green Events Hamburg

Everybody, get to work! - Sustainable Development Goals / Impulses for sustainable action
In this exhibition, the topic of sustainability can be experienced in concrete terms. With interactive upcycling modules, we show what the 17 global sustainability targets are all about and why they are so important for all of us. But knowledge alone is not enough, we have to get to work. The exhibition therefore aims above all to give impulses as to how we can make our own lives more sustainable.
Partner: Zelt 17

High above Hamburg – A VR Experience
Go to cloud nine at Reeperbahn Festival. Simply put on the VR glasses and sit on the swing. Look up, and you’ll see you’re swinging from a bunch of balloons in the air. Look down, and you’ll see you’re above Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg. But it’s only when a second visitor interacts with haptic buttons at a pult, that the real “party in the sky” begins. Here, different buttons release different special festival effects in the sky.
Partner: Demodern

Greenpeace Munduruku Amazonas Experience
Take this multisensory journey deep into the heart of the Amazon to the world of the Munduruku Indigenous People which is under threat from planned government construction initiatives. Considered as the next step in VR storytelling, Munduruku combines cutting edge virtual reality filmmaking and multi-sensory storytelling to fully immerse the viewer with the story that is played out within an immersive ‘pod’. To create the multi-sensory elements The Feelies collected data by performing a sensory mapping of the local area – including taking a perfumer to take in the scents of the forest. From this they created six award winning bespoke perfumes, an infrasonic frequency track, humid atmospheres and a narrative of heat and wind.
Partner: Greenpeace

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