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HÖME - Festival for Festival

Discourse / Exhibition, Interactive Installation / Future Playground / Basic


Höme is a declaration of love to festival life, to festivals and festival creators, as well as to festival culture as a whole. For 4 years now, Höme has been on the road as a magazine on the campsites of this nation. Under the vision of a comprehensive and lively festival platform, Höme works together with organisers to create a fair, sustainable and innovative festival landscape.

Over the past few months, Höme has worked together with over 150 festivals on the largest nationwide festival-solicitation campaign. Not only has Höme collected over 300,000 EUR for the preservation of the diverse festival landscape, it has also brought festival feeling into the living rooms of several thousand festival fans.

In order to celebrate the end of the campaign properly but also to dare a hopeful look ahead together, Höme gathers all festivals on one wall and thus brings their history to the Reeperbahn Festival even in this corona-torn year. 

An interactive exhibition, jointly designed by and with the participating festivals, stretches from Heiligengeist Feld across the entire Reeperbahn. The guided tour offers exciting festival anecdotes and invites you to discover.

HÖME - Festival für Festivals

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