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Renzo Vitale: How Does The Future Sound Like?

Designing Sounds For Modernity And Mobility

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Sounds play a major role in our daily experience: they guide us, talk to us, move us and protect us. Understanding the way we perceive and react to emotions as well as integrating notions from other disciplines, such as science and art, are some of the keys for creating effective sounds, especially in relation to the complexity of our environment and the extensive amount of pre-existing sounds.
In 2015 Dr. Renzo Vitale joined the Research and Innovation Center of BMW Group where he designs the sounds of electric vehicles. He conceived a new generation of sounds through a novel approach that he calls “Sound Genetics”. In 2019 he partnered with Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer to compose the drive sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT vehicle.
How can we conceive sounds for our future? This talk will present a few ideas about possible ways to face the challenge of composing new sounds and music for modernity and mobility of the future.
After the keynote there will be a moderated Q&A session.

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