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Keeping Creatives With Smart Policy Making

How to keep music entrepreneurs from changing careers – pres. by Hamburg Haus & MCN

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The music economy is one of the most affected by the COVID-19-Pandemic. Various new funding schemes and support opportunities have been implemented on all levels to support different stakeholders like companies, managers, & artists working in the business. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of the music economy value chain it becomes clear that not all support is received by the right target group. 

What can be done by music policy makers to make sure that music economy stakeholders will survive the economic downturn and don’t change careers? Which measures, tools & formats are already in use or should be used? Which data & knowledge do music policy makers need in order to take decisions? What experiences are gained by fellow international music policy makers to shape a more resilient music ecosystem? 

By invitation of the Music Cities Network, leading music policy makers discuss challenges and opportunities and dare a joint look into the coming times.

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