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Kreativbranchen in der Krise

Szenarien, Optionen, Perspektiven

Sessions / Panel / Marketing, music.brands.(e)motion, Film & Future / Basic


Music, film, games and advertising in the Corona crisis: scenarios, options, perspectives.

The creative industries music, film, games and advertising are affected by the corona crisis in very different ways, whether through changed consumer behavior, regulatory intervention or indirectly, through interdependencies with other affected markets. 
Uncertainty and a lack of a basis for planning are the new normality, and the comprehensive global networking of all economic sectors is doing its part to amplify the shock waves in all directions.
But all in all, the pop and entertainment sector is an important part of the cultural foundation of our society.  How Corona affects the pop culture industries here, the role of politics and the perspectives and options for action of the various participants, we talk to Carl Kuhn (Director Esports, Jung von Matt), Erwin M. Schmidt (Managing Director of the German Producers Association), Heinrich Paravincini (ADC, MUTABOR Agency), Stefanie Rohn (Head of Music & Artist Service, Das Maschine).

Klaus Böhm (DELOITTE Consulting) opens the discussion with an outlook on various scenarios for the creative industries as a result of the Corona pandemic.
This session will be held in German.

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