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Marketing-Challenge TikTok

Mit TikTok in die Charts – (wie) geht das?

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How do you land a hit in the digital age? After Youtube, Spotify Playlists and Instagram, the short video app TikTok is currently the platform of the hour in music marketing. Used correctly, TikTok can increase visibility and reach and thus the popularity of artists and their songs. Thanks to Loredana and Lizzo's chart successes, it's clear that TikTok can not only do reach, TikTok can also do sales. But how do I launch a hit on TikTok: Do I need the cooperation of the video network? How much marketing money do I need to invest? Or do artists and marketers currently still have the opportunity to generate free organic reach and visibility on TikTok - which has become much more difficult on other platforms (such as Google, Facebook or Instagram) in their more advanced stage of maturity?

Our panel provides information:

Rapper Aylo grew up on TikTok and shares with us her expertise in creation and community management.

Singer and author Lukas Rieger is with 3.5 million followers one of the most widely spread German TikTok influencers. When Lukas posts something, he has an immediate reach that others can only dream of.

For Samira Leitmannstetter of the BOLD Collective (SONY), TikTok has become a permanent part of the marketing mix. She also knows the limits of the platform.
Andreas Hänisch from the TikTok’s German Music Team brings their toolkit and talks about the coveted "For You" page, the "Explore" area and the art of a successful "Hashtag Challenge".

After the panel, they will answer the questions of the audience in a separate breakout session.
This session will be held in German.

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