Music Cities As Ecosystems: New Strategies

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The ‘music ecosystem’ approach has gained momentum in strategic planning in recent years, particularly in Europe. It reinforces guidelines created by the EU, which, since 2010, aim to make both the economy and infrastructure in the EU more intelligent, inclusive and sustainable’. Cities, and especially music cities, take the role of highly networked test laboratories, for new actors and their affiliated networks. To be fully appreciated and understood, this role needs to be considered beyond the existing framework of purely cultural, or cultural and economic considerations.

An ecosystem approach offers exciting new possibilities - both conceptual and practical - from engaging new stakeholders, through to new digital media production methods, and much more in between as well as allowing for existing and new structures to be developed intelligently, inclusively and sustainably.

The first input presents these new possibilities for music ecosystems, with second input presenting possibilities for developing the resilience of city ecosystems.

After each inputs further actions that could be undertaken by music cities will be the subject of a panel discussion: 

This forms part of the European Music Policy Exchange (EMPE) - an EU-funded project by the Music Cities Network and the Center for Music Ecosystems, which launches at Reeperbahn Festival. 

Results of eight (invitation-only) roundtables with policy-makers from across Europe will feed into the development of the first EU Music Cities Policy Handbook, providing solutions, best practices and frameworks for insert music meaningfully into city policy

This project sets in motion our belief that a collaborative and holistic approach is key to the future viability of music cities. We look forward to the exchange!


  1. The new strategic quality of the ecosystem approach (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carsten Winter, Hanover University of Music, Drama & Media) (12 min)
  2. Music Cities Resilience Strategies (Frank Kimenai, Center for Music Ecosystems/Sound Diplomacy? frage ihn bitte, wo er dazugehört/bzw. was für Ihn Sinn macht). (12 min)

The new approaches presented will be discussed with representatives from music cities Manchester, Groningen and Hanover joining the panel discussion. All those interested in continuing the conversation are warmly invited to join us from 2pm. at the Music Cities Mixer Reception at Hamburg Haus. Drinks and snacks are on us!

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