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Music Tourism In A (Post-)Covid World

New challenges, new opportunities? - presented by Soundcheck Hamburg & Hamburg Haus

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The cultural landscape resembles a wasteland, music clubs and concert halls are closed, festivals are cancelled - the music industry is faced with challenges previously unknown. The Corona crisis’ impact is even wider-reaching, however: With cultural offers being severely diminished, one of the most important inducements for urban tourism is missing.

Before the crisis, Hamburg was Germany’s number one destination for music tourism. Around 2.3 million tourists yearly came to the city in order to see a musical or a concert, or to visit a festival. Hamburg’s vibrant music scene and its musical heritage are focal points of its public image and its city marketing.

Soundcheck Hamburg has assembled an international panel to discuss the consequences for the public perception and self-image of music cities and their city marketing. We will look at the measures that are being taken internationally to soften the blow of the crisis and to unlock new potential for the future. 

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