Navigating The German Music Industry

U.S. perspectives from Hamburg and Berlin

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Navigating a career as a newcomer in one of the world’s biggest music markets rarely happens without a healthy dose of risk and reward.  

While building a new network from scratch can be daunting, the relationships and opportunities in the German music industry often come in the form of long-lasting partnerships, dedicated fans and an appreciation in a country with a high priority of culture.     

But what are the common obstacles on the journey of 'making it’ in the Germany music industry?   

Do I really need to live in Berlin?  

How can I build a network if I don’t speak fluent German?  

Will the bureaucratic paperwork ever stop?    

This well-rounded panel features American lecturers from both BIMM Institute Hamburg and BIMM Institute Berlin who were also once newcomers to Germany. 

Following this panel, BIMM Institute invites artists, educators and industry guests for a drink at Grüner Jäger to celebrate BIMM Institute Hamburg’s 1st graduating class and new building in St. Pauli. 

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