Pressekonferenz Der Keychange Studie 2022

Präsentation der Nutzer*innenbefragung – Geschlechtervielfalt bei Musikangeboten

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Reeperbahn Festival presents the results of a large-scale user survey on gender balance in music offerings. At the press conference, moderated by cultural journalist and podcaster Aida Baghernejad, Reeperbahn Festival Managing Director Alexander Schulz, Keychange Project Manager Merle Bremer and Andreas Hombach Director of the Insights Division at KANTAR and head of the study will talk about the results.

With the market research study funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM), the Reeperbahn Festival investigated the relevance of gender equality on the use of music offers from the perspective of consumers as part of the Keychange initiative. The study looked at the perceptions and expectations of music users in the live, radio, streaming and recorded music segments, from which important trends for the music industry can be identified.

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