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Sexualised violence in show business

How to deal with it?

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Almost everyone knows them. At least from hearsay. Wild backstage stories. Groupieactions, Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. Not only in times of #metoo and R. Kelly a sensitive topic, but the image of the always potent rock, pop and rap star is also warmed up again and again. But where does the image end and where does the coercion begin? Where is the party fun and where the sexual abuse? This is a problem that all those people who are only indirectly involved in the actual acts are confronted with again and again.
In this panel discussion we want to examine the question of the responsibility of organisers, the press, promoters, managers and record companies when sexualised violence occurs. How should and can an industry react? How should a society react to this, in which the sensitivity to sexualised violence is not particularly pronounced, if it is not a proven scandal? How can one react to suspicions and concrete accusations without running the risk, as in the R. Kelly case, of having covered up for the acts and having to put up with the question 10 years later why one has kept one's mouth shut for so long?
Are boycott measures the right response, or must we force the actors to engage in a public debate on the issue in order to stimulate a social debate? Because sexualised violence takes place. At all levels. Independent of educational level or cultural background.

This session will be held in German.

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