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How are music industry creators shaping today’s culture with ideas, customs, social behaviours and society?

As an artist or music industry professional, you have successfully navigated through the fast-paced technology changes and have experimented with or implemented the different ways to market and release music. Throughout this process, as an entrepreneur, you’ve helped redefine the culture on how brands shape their business.

As a creator, you’ve learned how to honour, harness and master your creative expression. While one can say music has shaped cultures and societies, generation after generation - without diversity and culture, we would experience music differently. As you build your true authentic storytelling narrative, you have the power to alter mood, perception, and inspire change.

For this keynote speech, we are thrilled to welcome Whitney Wei, Editor-in-Chief of electronic music platform Resident Advisor. As a globally recognized journalist and critic, Whitney documents important moments in the dance music communities past, present and future. She drives behind the scene conversations on how club culture, and international experimental music scenes are shifting new perspectives on current social topics today.

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