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The Balanced City Soundscape

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What is the sound of the future city? A simple question with a complex answer – you have to consider many different aspects of sound and sound sources; Will traffic noise continue to be the loudest sound source? If not – what will be heard instead? Can we create a mixer table over the city's sound sources, which than can be ‘fader rided’ to create balance in the audible city soundscape? It may be impossible now, but what would be the first step in this direction?

Helsingborg is a city on the west coast of Sweden. ÅF Sound & Vibration was asked to do a sound environment study of four different places in the city, to conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis and to suggest different solutions to improve the sound environment. To put the focus on sound environment, we started the research phase with a field study - sleepover in the city park. Something that proved to be rewarding in many different ways.

In this presentation Martin will speak about the process behind the project and the importance of bringing sound designers, traffic planners, acousticians and landscape architects to the table when trying to fine tune the city.

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