Where do I get my Conference Ticket?

Conference Ticket (e-ticket) can be purchased at the current rate here. Sessions Only Tickets and Tickets with Student Discount will be available at the beginning of 2022.

Can I get more information about my access autorization?

Your personal access authorization (personalised badge and, if applicable, wristband) will be checked at the entrance of each location. A festival wristband is required to gain admission to official concert locations. To gain access to the sessions and the Reeperbahn Festival Lounge (Sessions Only Ticket), a delegates badge alone is sufficient.
Delegates are given preferential admission with their personalised delegates badge and may use the fast lane at larger locations or may show their delegates badge at smaller locations to gain access at all official Reeperbahn Festival concert locations (subject to venue capacity).
If you lose your badge or wristband you are not entitled to admission or to a replacement. You will have to re-register and purchase on site at the Ticket Desk.

Where do I find information about the reservation for concerts at the Elbphilharmonie?

All information about the reservation for concerts at the Elbphilharmonie can be found on the Festival FAQ, this way please.


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