When and where will each item of the event programme take place?

You will find all relevant information in the menu on event items, days and locations under Timetable. Here you can prepare your personalised selection of event items by clicking the corresponding icons.. On the festival days the Daily Programme leaflets providing a print version of the current Timetable will be available at the info desk on Spielbudenplatz, at box offices and event venues! You will also be updated with our App where you can store your programme favourites, Festival information and which will keep you posted about changes of programme times.  

When and where will each item of the event programme take place?

The programme will be published gradually on our facebook and twitter pages as well as on our website, starting in April. A general survey of the programme, including playing times, will be published in August. Besides the website it will be available in our app as well as the Festival Timetable during the festival.

When do the venues open?

The venues will open approximately thirty minutes before the first programme of the day. Check the Timetable for specific times. 

How many programmes will I be able to see in one evening?

That depends on a variety of factors but mostly on yourself. If you want to see every gig from the beginning until the end, you will get to see about four or five shows. Don't forget that there are always a couple of minutes walking distance between the clubs (unless you spend the whole night in the same venue.) However, we would recommend that you use the "floating" approach: Just let yourself float from one club to the next and listen in here and there. This way you can easily take in double the amount of shows and at the same time discover new and exciting acts. 

How can I access information about the programme?

Looking for a quick overview of the programme? The best place to find it is the Programme section of our website or app. To plan your festival visit, we recommend using the Timetable on our website and, of course, the Favourites function, which allows you to tag and make a note of your favourite concerts. You’re interested in something new – and also want to quickly and easily find the tried and tested? Then we suggest Discover and Music Recommender – both can also be accessed via our app and website. And if you’d prefer to go the analogue route, then pick up the Reeperbahn Festival Magazine, which is available free of charge starting early September in bars, restaurants, concert venues, cinemas, and universities, and, during the Reeperbahn Festival, at all festival and partner locations, the Info Desk, and the Festival Ticket Desk.


Application for Reeperbahn Festival

You find detailed information on this site. Demos and unsolicited Applications can not be accepted. Thank you. 

How do I find out whether my application was successful?

"Don't call us - we call you!" Due to the multitude of applications we are not able to handle individual inquiries. As soon as we are able to provide you a slot at the festival, we will inform you via email.

Which ticket do I need?

There are three different categories of tickets for the Reeperbahn Festival: Festival Tickets, Conference Tickets, and Sessions Only Tickets.
Festival Tickets are available as 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-day tickets; these provide access to all concerts, shows, and parties, as well as to the visual arts, spoken word, playground, workshop and film. 
The Conference Ticket includes all the benefits of the Festival Ticket plus access to the fullconference programme
Those who are only interested in attending the conference sessions can purchase a Sessions Only Ticket.

Where do I get my wristband?

You can get your wristband on from wednesday on at the Ticket Counter on Spielbudenplatz. If available, you can purchase tickets on the days of the event there as well.

Can I get tickets for one particular events?

There will be no tickets for only one concert or exhibition. For the conference Sessions Only Tickets are available in our ticket shop.

Can I exchange my day ticket if a band’s gig is postponed or a band cancels?

Due to the varied nature of the line-up, postponements/delays in the timetable are, unfortunately, unavoidable. Therefore your ticket cannot be returned or exchanged. If there is a band cancellation, we hope we are able to offer sufficient replacement and are unable to refund or exchange your ticket. We reserve the right to make changes to the timetable at all times.

Is the Reeperbahn blocked during the Reeperbahn Festival?

Of course not. The Reeperbahn and the Spielbudenplatz won’t be blocked and are freely accessible for everyone. 

Can I use my ticket on trains and buses?

Tickets and wristbands include on the day(s) of vailidity an HVV public transport ticket for transportation to and from the festival site (valid until services officially terminate that day). 

Do guests with disabilities and/or their assistants get free entry?

Wheelchair users and one assistant will share a Reeperbahn Festival ticket. We kindly ask the visitors to register themselves with our ticket service hotline 040-4132260. You will get your wristbands at our ticket service desks at the Spielbudenplatz if you bring your disability pass.

Which regulations apply to minors during the Festival?

We would like to stress explicitly that access of minors to the festival is beyond our control. It is possible that minors are denied access to clubs on the Reeperbahn, particularly late at night. Please note this when buying tickets. Pupils‘ ID cards, written permission by parents or legal guardians are not usually accepted. 

Please also note the following regulation provided by the Children and Young Persons Act:

  • § 5 Dance Events
    Presence at public dance events without accompaniment of a person with a right of custody or a legal guardian must not be permitted to children and young persons below the age of 16 or to young persons over 16 after midnight.

Who can attend a concert at the Elbphilharmonie?

All ticket holders who have a 4-day ticket, 3-day ticket, 2-day ticket, or 1-day ticket for Saturday. Registration is required, however, via our reservation system.

When does registration for the concerts at the Elbphilharmonie begin?

All Reeperbahn Festival ticket holders who have a 4-day ticket, 3-day ticket, 2-day ticket, or 1-day ticket for Saturday and purchased their ticket by 2 April 2017 will automatically be emailed a personalised access link on 3 April 2017; via this link, ticket holders can reserve one concert at the Elbphilharmonie per festival ticket. There are three concerts at the Elbphilharmonie to choose from (subject to availability). Reservations can be made up until 30 April 2017, 18.00.

Those who would like to attend one of the Elbphilharmonie concerts during the Reeperbahn Festival and have not yet bought a ticket in one of the above categories can, starting on 3 April 2017, 14.00, purchase a ticket in one of the above categories and reserve an Elbphilharmonie concert (subject to availability) at the same time. There is no additional cost for reserving an Elbphilharmonie concert.


Can I attend more than one concert at the Elbphilharmonie?

No, unfortunately not.

Can I buy tickets for Elbphilharmonie concerts at the box office at the festival?

No, tickets for Elbphilharmonie concerts will most likely not be available at the box office at the festival.

Can I choose which Elbphilharmonie concert I would like to attend?

Yes, the artists performing at the Elbphilharmonie – and the times of the performances – will be announced at the same time the reservation system is activated.

I’ve reserved a concert at the Elbphilharmonie – what’s the next step?

To be admitted to your pre-reserved Elbphilharmonie concert you will first have to go to the ticket counter at the festival site on the day of the concert and exchange the voucher you received (if you purchased before 3 April 2017) or the ticket you received (if you purchased on or after 3 April 2017) for a seat-assignment ticket. You can then use this seat-assignment ticket to gain admission to the Elbphilharmonie.

How will seat allocation for Elbphilharmonie concerts be determined?

Seat allocation for Elbphilharmonie concerts will be determined on the day of the concert at the ticket counter. It will not be possible to reserve specific seats in advance. No exceptions. Seats will be allocated randomly and seat assignments will be final.


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