10 Reasons Why | 10 Gründe, warum du in der Musikbranche arbeiten solltest

Talk / Germany

There's no business like music business! Artist management, booking, festival production or label and tour management - you've probably heard of all these, but don't know what exactly hides behind these job titles? To show you what exciting jobs are waiting for you, we present the endless paths into the music business in our new programme format "10 Reasons why" together with established industry professionals and give you the opportunity to quench your thirst for knowledge in an open moderated Q&A session. The principle is very simple: with the help of ten recurring questions, we will jointly explore the different areas of responsibility of our guests. All young people interested in music will get their full money's worth here! And young professionals already working in the industry can also take home new input and old wisdom from the speakers, as well as a contact or two. Questions, discussion and networking? Say no more, we got you!

Moderation: Yannick Niang (music and culture journalist, e.g. DIFFUS Magazine)


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