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Square-shaped, multi-coloured, and arranged alphabetically: while record collections used to be rummaged through and treasured finds lovingly presented in the living room at home, it’s the digital cover that dominates today. The interactive exhibition “(IN) BETWEEN | Music & Graphics”, created by the design studio Bareis + Nicolaus, gives what is probably the most powerful visual communication medium in the modern music business an impressive stage. In a screen installation specially made for the festival by the artist collective Lichtgestalten, the exhibition uses several overseas containers to explore the interconnection of music and graphic design.

Digital music covers gathered via an open call for designers and artists are presented. The requirement for inclusion was for covers to have been designed and published between early 2020 and the end of August 2022. International, cross-genre and innovative, the installation thus combines the state of the art of digital cover design and complements it with the moving image.

“(IN) BETWEEN” also takes a look at the fluid transition to other creative industries that have established themselves in the cultural and social sphere. For example, a panel talk with guests from the creative scene will be held by the Heart Directors Club.

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