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Abby Roberts

Music / Pop, Rock / Leeds, United Kingdom

Abby Roberts’ transition from the TikTok cosmos to the music business was as elegant as a professional lash lift. One reason surely being that, unlike the rest of the industry, she’s not out for a quick cash grab – the all-rounder from Leeds doesn’t care much for commercial banalities. Instead, between makeup artistry and influencer workflow, she’s always coming up with something new, combining laid-back deadpan vocals in sleekly produced dream pop arrangements with the melodic sensibilities of late 90s indie, demonstrating impressive confidence in the search for her own vibe. Much like other young TikTok stars, Roberts knows full well how to diversify her repertoire of talents to remain active on multiple platforms at once - shining as an artist as well as a style icon for a new generation. Not only does she free herself from the usual trends this way, she also enjoys a certain emancipation from the usual do's and don'ts of the music business - Roberts is building her own brand, in fact, she has long been her own brand.

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