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ÄTNA (Electronic Live Set)

Music / Electronic/Live, Indie / Germany

Presented by: ANCHOR Award

Their style indefinable, their stage presence overpowering, their creativity boundless: Ätna have achieved what many consider impossible in current times. From the underground to one of the most sought-after live acts, while simultaneously being one of the most innovative electronic music projects of our time. The duo’s path has been as steep as it has been hard. And yet, ever since their bombastic debut "Made by Desire" (2020), Inéz Schaefer and Demian Kappenstein have known only one direction: upwards. All the while, the two have been composing ground breaking electro art pop from scratch, setting new trends with tracks like "Tuk Tuk" (feat. Solomun) or the Meute collabo "Weirdo" in 2021 - but they have already won the coveted ANCHOR Award last year. What could possibly be next? No one knows, because unpredictability is part of the deal that you get with Ätna: tune in and expect nothing - except to be blown away. Still doing their thing, and blessing us a whole two times this year: as an electronic live set and an orchestral reinterpretation.

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