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ÄTNA x NDR Bigband

Music / Electronic/Live, Indie / Dresden, Germany

Presented by: ANCHOR Award, Freunde der ZEIT, NDR

To attend this Elbphilharmonie concert, reservations must be made in advance.

Jazz meets electro-pop, with the NDR Bigband and the duo ÄTNA two musical worlds meet in the Elbphilharmonie.

Last year's winner of the ANCHOR Award and the talk of the town far beyond our borders with their debut album "Made By Desire" - this year already one of the most sought-after music duos in Europe: Inéz Schaefer and Demian Kappenstein have mastered the ascent to the peak of the volcano with wings instead of feet and are now dancing on the crater rim to their completely unique sound of lusher indietronica, delicate art pop and bilingual R&B deconstructions. They resist stylistic conventions with a fat grin and as ÄTNA push the limits of what we once tried to define as pop music in this country or elsewhere. Shocking expectations as a modus operandi? And so it goes on: for their performance at the Elbphilharmonie this year, the two will be supported by the NDR Bigband, with whom they will present old and new track material in unprecedented form. It is not yet clear whether handkerchiefs will be needed for tears or sweat - probably both.

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