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Albertine Sarges

Music / Indie / Berlin, Germany

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Just the echo of twisted post-punk guitars and their thoroughly natural timbre - that's all Albertine Sarges needs to float above the bulk of neo-psychedelic art pop, as light as a feather. On her debut release “The Sticky Fingers” the Berliner established a sound that can bring about the start of summer or make the end of a long-term relationship seem bearable. She cares very little about the idea that such a spectrum of emotions might be difficult to capture in songs reduced to their essentials. Instead, her utter confidence in her style makes her music not only come across as carefully composed but also makes it appear playful at the same time. Feminism and empowerment, loss and pleasure, mania and melancholy - Sarges, also known as Ossi Viola, is well aware of how to combine all of the above, often within the auditory limits of a single song. An exceptional artist well on the way to finding herself.

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