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Albi X

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Cologne, Germany, Congo (Kinshasa)

Sometimes it’s just all in the mix: Growing up in Cologne as an albino person with Congolese roots, today one of the freshest representatives of German rap music, Albi X has no problems showing everyone how it’s done. As one might sadly expect, the young artist from the cathedral city has had to endure discrimination in its most disgusting forms from an early age, but it hasn’t distinguished his openness toward the world. In German, French and Lingala, the language of commerce in Angola and the two Congo states, Albi raps about his experiences as an outcast, but also about friendships and the idols that always gave him the strength to carry on, not to close himself off. He chose the opposite path. Last summer, he immortalised himself with the track "Bibamba" in the minds of many radio listeners, who unexpectedly had put their stereos on full blast. A style that pushes hard, crosses aggressive bars with trap beats and puts Albi's smoky organ smack in the middle of boiling hooks. If Germany has had one artist with international breakthrough potential over the last few years, then damn, this guy’s it.

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