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Alex Lahey

Music / Indie, Rock / Melbourne, Australia

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Alex Lahey was a mere 13 years of age when the Melbourne-born multi-instrumentalist entered a close relationship with guitar and saxophone. The fact that the latter would change her life in multitude of ways was honestly to be predicted at this point. After school, she studies jazz and art, for a while swapping the musical portion of her studies for live gigs as a singer and saxophonist for the band Animaux – walk the walk, so to speak. It doesn’t take long for her to realise that she would have focus her energy on her solo career in order for her own song writing to truly develop, however. Her 2017 debut “I Love You Like a Brother” proves her right: hymnic chords chase Lahey across kicking drums, mix power pop with punk and indie characteristics and repeatedly oppose the fundamentally optimistic tenor with bittersweet punchlines. In a city as artistically vibrant as Melbourne, it’s especially difficult to make a name for yourself through these means – yet the 30-year-old succeeded seemingly effortlessly with the follow-up “The Best of Luck” (2019) and with her brand-new material, as well.

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