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Alfah Femmes

Music / Indie, Pop / Poland

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If you want to understand musical post-modernism, you have to grasp the synthesis of yesterday with today and tomorrow. It’s not just a matter of being inspired without resorting to imitation. What’s also important is something actually new emerging from it and in turn being a source of creativity for others. The Alfah Femmes’ dazzling debut album “No Need To Die” (2020) did everything right in this respect, with the sextet from Gdańsk achieving an almost impossible shot in the arm for artful Sophisti Pop, New Wave and the overused Indie tag - all at once. Sure, these days a lot of people claim such things, talk about uniqueness where none exists, and reject the very naming of their style. But the Alfah Femmes can really make that claim for themselves, because despite their plethora of influences, they sound like themselves at every moment.

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