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Music / Rock, R'n'B/Soul / Atlanta, United States of America

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Algiers not only carry the unrest that has been growing louder in various parts of the world in their hearts, but also in their name. Named after the capital of Algeria, which has seen numerous anti-colonial struggles in the past centuries, the band from Atlanta, Georgia, plays a soundtrack for revolution full of passion and life-affirming rage. The anger that pours out of singer Franklin James Fisher's magnificent pipes is all but blind, though.

The frontman, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has a unique ability to translate despair at the state of the world into a call for radical change. With bass, drums and keys, and with cello, percussion and synthesizers, Algiers create a sound that blends gospel and industrial, blues and punk, post-something and a timely, loud message. They may only have two albums under their belt so far, but they're the most independent and untamed band London currently has to offer.

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