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Alice Merton

Music / Indie, Pop / Germany, United Kingdom

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Alice Merton is a globetrotter: she’s lived and worked almost everywhere around the world. New York, Munich, Berlin and London - the great art metropolises have also left their mark on her. For years, the singer, songwriter and pianist has shuttled between alternative rock, indie, synth pop and a myriad of other styles, whose best qualities Merton always successfully brings out. She did this brilliantly even on her debut album “Mint” (2019), which also ended up grabbing top spots in charts across Europe and making popular playlists on the major streaming sites. Afterwards, the lively multi-talented artist could barely keep on top of her in-tray. From series like The Blacklist, companies like Vodafone or artists like Bosse or Tom Odell: everyone wanted to collaborate with Merton, to pay homage to her ultra-modern sound. Her nature is to remain open to everything. And on this year’s second album “S.I.D.E.S” she deftly illustrates where this artistic approach leads: independence, success and personalised empowerment entertainment. But it also leads to the very top. This artiste is definitely on a roll.

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