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Music Singer-Songwriter, Pop Canada, France

Presented by: Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), M for Montreal

From early on Aliocha Schneider was acquainted with the stage, but more than in acting the young man, his artist alias just Aliocha, took interest in music. He wanted to express himself as a singer-songwriter. There were enough paragons: Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, John Lennon. Artists, who had something to say, who told stories and who were keen on moving something socially.

Jean Leloup, one of the most well-known musicians of the Canadian province of Quebec, instantly supported Aliocha’s enthusiasm. Aliocha himself, grown up in Montreal, started to write his first songs, and later met with producer Sam Osta to record the album "Eleven Songs“ (PIAS). Its eleven tracks offer some stylistic range, moving between folk, slacker-pop and americana. Aliocha has a variable and expressive voice and he indeed is able to tell stories, just like his idols. "Eleven Songs“ is an extraordinary debut from a singer who hopefully lets us hear much more from him in the future.

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