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Altin Gün

Music / Indie, Rock / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Altin Gün are real globetrotters. The collective from Amsterdam pours sounds from the most diverse cultures into pop songs full of authentic joie de vivre, reaching people all over the globe. They draw their inspiration from Anatolian folk music as well as from Euro-Synthpop from 1985, field recordings, neo-psychedelia, and New Age vibes that would enrich any yoga class. But the project was able to use the time during the pandemic in a different way, releasing two fantastic albums in less than six months "Yol" and "Âlem" in 2021, and since then has been constantly working on this special eclectic sound that has been causing dancing legs and teary eyes at festivals of all kinds for years. For the transcultural enrichment of this year's Reeperbahn Festival, Altin Gün have designed a special set of songs from their latest strike "Aşk", which will transform the Elbphilharmonie's resonance hall into a bazaar of sound ideas, musical curiosities and stories from 2023 nights surrounded by dunes. A high-energy feast for mind and body.

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