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Anchor Award

alyona alyona

Music / Hip-Hop/Rap, ANCHOR Nominee / Ukraine

First she worked as a cashier in a supermarket, then she sold makeup at a bazaar, and then she became an educator specialized in psychology: Not even notions of fate, or unique talent, can quite explain Alyona Savranchenko's trajectory from regular citizen to Ukrainian rap star.

It's not only the 27-year-old DIY artist's disarmingly confident delivery that makes her songs about everyday life so easy to identify with. It is also the masterful beat foundation of tracks such as "Залишаю свій дім“ and "Голови“ that takes the Alyona sound straight under a listener's skin even when they don't speak a word of Ukrainian. This woman knows what she's doing and has been dropping one killer track after the other since the start of the year, all of them reaching millions of views. And where it stops, nobody knows—but we'd prefer it if she simply never stopped.

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