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Ami Warning

Music Singer-Songwriter Germany

Presented by: Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.

Ami Warning only needs her guitar and voice to touch the souls of her listeners—and yet, her music offers so much more. At 14, the daughter of Dutch reggae artist Ewald "Wally" Warning began playing guitar, writing songs, and jamming for hours on end with her highly musical father. Her first gigs were humble affairs, busking on the street or playing at Munich's Gärtnerplatz, followed by appearances at the city's Einstein Culture Center and the nearby Heimatsound Festival.

But already then, Warning's reputation as an excellent singer-songwriter preceded her far beyond the Bavarian metropolis. And the praise is well-deserved. After all, when in recent memory has a young German artist sounded this authentically intimate and accessible? The vocalist with the warm timbre not only sings cliché-free heartbreak poetry in German and English, but has also created rhythmically infectious guitar pop for her second album Seasons. Amira Warning crafts her sound with such realness and ease that we can't wait to hear more.

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