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Music / Pop, R'n'B/Soul / Bochum, Germany

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Rap and R&B artists aren't known for trying to look humble and down to earth. The kind of sound that is often drenched in pomp and product placement gets a refreshingly restrained and cool update from 19-year-old Amilli. The singer from Bochum in western Germany has been celebrated as an upcoming talent both in her home region and online. Last year's single "Rarri" offered chilled-out rejection of luxury, consumerism, and superficiality.

Given her breathy, soulful vocals over brilliant beats, it should surprise no one if Amilli's relaxed style finds an international audience in the next years. Her warm, flowing soul pop conveys an intimacy that sounds real and that will undoubtedly also be palpable at the Reeperbahn Festival.

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