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Anna Bassy

Music / Indie / Italy

Anna Bassy had written her first songs in 2016, back then only for guitar and vocals. Several years of creativity followed, of the creation and exploration of musical possibilities. Guitar and vocals were joined by a full band, which Bassy used to bring her vision to the stage for the first time in 2019. Traditional sounds from Italy and Nigeria, where her roots lie, along with soul, folk, pop and electronic production techniques are combined into radiating works like “Could You Love Me” or “Wind, Rain” by the ambitious singer-songwriter. Her latest EP “Monsters” (2021) and its eponymous single leaves no doubt that Anna Bassy, after more than 70 concerts across Palermo and Milan to date, is one of the most promising artists of the Italian soul landscape. Those who would like to see for themselves will have the chance to do so this September.

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