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Anna Erhard

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Switzerland

From the pages of her diary, records of half-forgotten dreams and the encounters of everyday life is where Anne Erhard repeatedly draws inspiration for her music: a warm mix of songwriter-folk and laid-back indie, squinting, trying to make out something in the bright sunlight. As a former member of the band Serafyn, she has collected experience in the crafting of such summery vibes, to which she endows a new romanticism in her new solo venture. Which might be the reason why songs like “This is it” or “I Wish” sometimes seem like reminiscences too good to be true, born out of hopes and dreams never to be fulfilled. Her voice all the while underpinning the super delicate guitaring with a certain distance, while the atmosphere gently oscillates between Fiona Apple, José González and Adrianne Lenker. She has successfully found her unique signature with these ingredients on her debut "Short Cut", which seeks and finds its beauty in moments of transition. 

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