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Anna Leone

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / Sweden

Born and raised on the outskirts of Stockholm, Anna Leone was drawn to music at an early age - to listening as much as to making it. The singer-songwriter with the incredibly warm timbre was inspired by old legends like Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, but also by Bon Iver or Laura Marling. This creative inspiration now blooms in pieces like "If You Only" or "Still I Wait", whose lyrics are the result of deep introspection. She translates melancholy and feelings of forlornness into harmonies of piano and guitar, of soul, folk and ambient pop of the most intimate variety. Her first EP "Wandered Away", which was produced by Grammy nominee Bryan Wilson, had already formulated all of this in flawless fashion - an autumn soundtrack beyond comparison. Her debut album "I've Felt All These Things" just dropped in September and leaves no doubt that we’re dealing with an exceptional new talent.

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