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Music / Classical, Pop / Netherlands

No voice, no pompous arrangements, no pandering to trends: instead, Annelie de Vries makes her piano sing and transports our thoughts to dreamy faraway places that emerge best when we listen intently right up close to our mind’s eye. With gentle strokes and a feeling for gyrating motifs, the artiste from the Netherlands succeeds in creating compositions that develop an unimaginable expressive power precisely through their sublime changes, in the very minutest and subtlest of tones. So it’s no coincidence that her debut album bears the evocative title “Hertz”, and it tells us a lot about the sensitivity she brings to her instrument. On the one hand, Hertz symbolises the physical magnitude of recurring events - just as Annelie’s pieces always return to their starting point, thus reflecting the never-ending patterns of nature. But this title also expresses the passion, the heart and soul behind how this young pianist thinks, glides and drifts dreamily over the black and white keys. When music achieves this much with such a minimal set-up, it turns into magic.

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