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Antje Schomaker

Music / Pop / Germany

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If your musical idol starts playing the very first track you upload to YouTube, you’ve done something right. That’s exactly what happened for Antje Schomaker: First she took piano and bassoon lessons as a child, then she taught herself to play the guitar, and, after years of songwriting, her first upload immediately caught Bosse’s attention. Things continued at the same pace after that, too, from playing the Feel Festival to the Hurricane and Deichbrand, and opening for Bosse before doing the same for Johannes Oerding and Amy MacDonald. The fact that her début, “Von Helden und Halunken”, was one of the most beautiful German-language pop albums of 2018 surprised no one. Her voice’s velvety timbre, the relaxed melodies, unpretentious yet touching lyrics - Schomaker has quickly become a beacon of hope in the local indie sound. Now she’s back with a new album.

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