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Music Rock, Indie France

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The French band Aquaserge mixes dance music, jazz, the musical freedom of the psychedelic 1970s and subsequent genres like Kraut, noise, progressive and freestyle. On their current, bright release “Laisse ça être“ (Almost Musique/Crammed Discs), the band shows an enormous confidence and variety of style. The band consists of five core members but more than 50 others orbit around it like satellites. They even enjoy the freedom to compose an exclusively instrumental song like “Virage Sud”. Or an opus like “Si Loin, Si Proche”, in which their high-pitch polyphonic voices and the jingling guitars recall the 1960s. No wonder that they have also worked together with greats like Tame Impala or Stereolab. Once, they called themselves Hyperclean. But in 2005, they have reformed under the name of Aquaserge. They are dedicated to musical adventures - with no boundaries at all.

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  • Booking: Puschen agency / Germany - Netherlands

  • Label: Crammed Discs / Indigo


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