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Arp Frique

Music / Funk, Jazz / Netherlands

Presented by: ARTE Concert, Dutch Music Export

Funk done slightly differently: Niels Nieuborg translates the genre from the discos of the 70s into the now, enhances the effect-saturated licks with Caribbean percussion, sprinkles snappy rhythms over it and adds a big variety of female and male vocals. “Welcome To The Colorful World Of Arp Frique”, the title of his debut album, says it all and this made it a minor sensation in the summer of 2018, at least for fans of contemporary funk who’ve long been craving some fresh approaches. Well, these have now been duly delivered. They’re not just evident in the Latin American vibes meeting traditional music of the Cape Verde Islands, lush synths flirting with whizzing flutes and it all sounding like the hottest shit from back then – nope, the crazy arrangements of all ingredients also show originality to the max. And with the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio 1 and NTS playing this guy’s tunes til the blood was running out of the studio decks shows the level of plaudits being won here.

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