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Arvid Nero

Music / Folk, Indie / Sweden

Presented by: Westside Music Sweden

Less is more is less. Armed only with a guitar and his voice, Arvid Nero paints wistful panoramas for the inner eye - no production, no effects, no accompanying instrumentation is necessary when the Swedish singer-songwriter performs his pieces which are equal parts reduced and intimate. They can probably best be described as falling somewhere between blues, pop and roots rock, were already exceptionally concisely produced on his debut "Mother Earth" (2018) and on this year's album "Little White Dove", they sound even more mature, stylistically confident and versatile than ever. Almost as if he has done nothing else for the last twenty years, Nero lays out his diverse repertoire of sepia-drenched vibes which have already identified him as one of the most talented blues musicians in contemporary Europe. Too much? Not at all. Artistic understatement sometimes just is best.

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