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Music Singer-Songwriter, Electronic/Live Iceland

Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson's name gives him away as an Icelander, but there isn't much in his sound that reveals his nationality. The songwriter doesn't sound as cool and ethereal as many of his musically inclined compatriots, and neither does he share their often somber or resigned vibes.

Instead, Ásgeir has some of the warmth of soul, and the summery lightness of indie and folktronica. Of course there's still a hint of Icelandic art pop appeal, but his songs aren't composed according to some success formula. In his volcanic island home in the far north, he has topped the charts with his vulnerable and honest albums, but he's also made waves in other parts of Europe. After a short period of quiet, Ásgeir is now returning to the continent's stages with his passion and poetry.


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